Hyper Scape or Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - Which Battle Royale Is Better?

Updated: 5 Sep 2020 7:44 PM PDT
Posted: 5 Sep 2020 7:16 PM PDT

Battle Royales Become a Battleground in Summer 2020

Summer 2020 has been full of games, and plenty of time to play them! Hot weather keeps everyone inside and ready to play the latest hit. A couple of contenders for fan-favorite came into the running this month. Among them is Hyper Scape, the latest free to play first-person shooter battle royale from Ubisoft. There's also Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, a free to play obstacle course battle royale from Devolver Digital.

The two games couldn't be more different. Hyper Scape enters an already dense market, competing with other FPS battle royales with an established base and feel a bit more natural. Meanwhile, Fall Guys has nearly no entry bar on its skill level. Let's take a closer look at the pros and cons of both games, and which one wins out as the better choice!

Hyper Scape: Fast-paced Free-for-all

Ubisoft's first-person shooter features all the aspects of a classic battle royale: up to 100 players on a single map that shrinks as the round goes on. There are weapons scattered throughout the map, but also a special skill in Hyper Scape known as "Hacks." Carry two weapons and two hacks each, taking out enemies as the map shrinks.

[Hyper Scape has] 100 tiers, which means plenty of content for grinding out through simply playing matches.

There are a couple of other clever twists in Hyper Scape. Throughout the match, an AI heckles players. Streaming live on Twitch lets any viewers get in on it, too, which is hilarious. The AI will do things like reveal everyone's positions on the map for a short time or flipping on low-gravity. A crown appears after the map shrinks for the final time. Declare victory by grabbing the crown and holding onto it for 45 seconds. The victory means experience points, which of course unlock countless skins and other goodies.

Hyper Scape is currently in its first season. It's got 100 tiers, which means plenty of content for grinding out through simply playing matches. There's a free track as well as a premium track if you like it enough to invest.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout: Instant Cult Classic?

Meanwhile, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout sits firmly in the party-style battle royale. As we already mentioned, virtually anybody can pick it up and play a match consisting of head-to-head mini-games. Play as an adorable, squishy bean and go against others in obstacle courses, soccer, and more!

Hopping into a match is as easy as clicking the play button. Each match consists of several rounds. Start out with a maximum of 60 players, but only one comes out with the crown!

The AI randomly selects from one of 25 possible mini-games. There are free-for-all games as well as some team-based ones. Free-for-all games feature a set number of qualifying players, while team-based ones always boot the lowest-scoring team.

Glamming is the name of the game in Fall Guys.

Victory means taking the crown in the final round! Use crowns in the Fall Guys store to buy outfits and skins for your bean. You earn kudos, another type of currency, just by competing in matches! You also get experience this way. Leveling up with experience unlocks unique skins. Glamming is the name of the game in Fall Guys.

As an extra treat to its truly easy-to-play nature, Fall Guys has become quite the Twitter sensation since its release. They regularly share epic fails from across the community, like Timthetatman, who struggled to win for days. Their Twitter account also ignited a charity bidding war for a custom in-game costume. It's been an instant hit, creating a cult-like following.

Similarities are Scarce


It's tough comparing battle royale games from entirely different genres as Hyper Scape and Fall Guys are. One is a classic FPS, while the other is firmly a casual party game. However, the two games both offer fast-paced "combat," if you will.

One is a classic FPS, while the other is firmly a casual party game.

Additionally, the true end-game is the glamors in both games. Decking out your character only happens when you dedicate time, something that other players can see with special skins and other items.

They're also free-to-play, meaning that you don't necessarily have to dedicate anything other than your time if you want to check out something new. Fall Guys on Twitter makes the game surprisingly competitive if you're inclined to give yourself a real challenge.

Pick your Play Style


Of course, some differences can't be bridged. Hyper Scape is undoubtedly more competitive. It's also a harder game, as first-person shooters generally require some previous skill. Beginners with no experience are going to find themselves quickly outmatched. However, the addition of AI-altered battlefields helps level the playing field when compared with other FPS battle royale games.

Hyper Scape is undoubtedly more competitive.

Furthermore, the movement in Hyper Scape is incredibly smooth. It offers a seamless experience, so new players won't struggle with cumbersome interactions and speeds during actual shoot-outs and other combat.

Nonetheless, Fall Guys is so easy to play. There's a grab button, and that's about all you need to know before hopping in. Mini-game rules are briefly described at the beginning of each round. This low bar gives it a massive edge over its FPS counter-part. The variety of mini-games (25 in total for now) keeps the rounds fresh without much effort on the player's part. Hyper Scape, though, only features one map.

Fall Guys is winging it, which is fun in its own way.

Hyper Scape certainly features a better loot system. It's got an organized season with plenty of rewards, and a clear layout of 100 tiers. Fall Guys is winging it, which is fun in its own way. Their Twitter presence leans towards pop culture and hints about other outfits, such as the latest surprise releasing August 22. Nonetheless, it's two very different approaches for players.

The Verdict

In the end, what kind of game do you enjoy? Personally, I love Fall Guys. It's a wacky ride that is easy to hop on and enjoy. Hyper Scape certainly has shining moments that allow it to stand out from its FPS battle royale competitors. It gets a regular visit in my rotation.

However, overall I think Hyper Scape falls victim to something that many battle royales are struggling with: everyone is making first-person-shooters. Fall Guys is exploding because it does something different and does so with extreme ease. Hands down, I'm recommending Fall Guys to everyone right now, over just about everything!


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