The Top 10 VR Games to Play On Oculus Quest in 2020

Updated: 30 Nov 2020 8:53 PM PST
Posted: 30 Nov 2020 8:52 PM PST

A Whole New Level of VR Gaming

The Oculus Quest 2 is one of the best VR gaming systems on the market. Even with great specs, though, a system needs an extensive library of VR games to make it worth your time. Below are ten of the top games you can play on the Oculus Quest 2 right now, ranging from exhilarating sports sims to intense shooters. These games are proof that VR is more than just a flash in the pan - it is really here to stay.

The Game List:

10. FitXR

Virtually every immersive gaming device has attempted to make itself into an indispensable fitness tool. From Nintendo's WiiFit to the cavalcade of fitness games for the Kinect, the bulk of these games haven't exactly lit the world on fire. FitXR, however, bills itself as a real fitness tool that brings the energy of real-life classes to your living room. It manages to live up to its reputation and then some, making it the first really useful VR fitness app.

9. In Death: Unchained

Roguelites are PC staples, generally fairly easy to develop but immersive even without impressive graphics. In Death: Unchained, however, takes the concept to VR in an incredibly compelling way. This bow and arrow game takes players to the various levels of the afterlife, leveraging as much of the Oculus Quest's VR technology as possible to create a truly unique experience. This game feels like something you can only do on this platform.

8. Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted

The Five Nights series is definitely one that feels like it was made for VR. Horror fans will love this new entry into the universe, one that lets them get out and explore a bit more of the titular restaurant while still dealing with the classic mechanics of the game. Though you're still looking at a game that follows the general formula of the previous Five Nights entries, both new players and old will quickly find that the game feels much more intense when the animatronics are able to get right up in your face.

7. Echo VR

While there have been some great shooters already released for VR platforms, most of them have been single-player experiences. Echo VR is the next step forward, placing you on a team of other human players to face off against human enemies. You take on the role of a battle robot in a zero-gravity arena, attempting to accomplish a number of familiar arena-shooter goals while keeping your wits about you in a changing environment. This is one of the most immersive team shooters that's available on any platform and the VR elements make it stand out in a way that's really hard to match.

6. Real VR Fishing

Not every VR game needs to be a life-or-death experience. Real VR Fishing gives players the chance to get out on the water without having to worry about the weather, This is honestly a game that's about going to beautiful places and catching the fish you might not be able to see in real life, all without having to worry about the logistics of a real fishing trip. The game also lets you put your catches in an aquarium, giving you a relaxing spot to sit and enjoy your fish while you take a break from the world. This is a must-play for anyone who is looking for a bit more relaxation in their VR.

5. The Climb

If you've never been rock climbing, you might be missing out on one of life's great adrenaline rushes. The Climb seeks to replicate the feeling without requiring real risks or travel costs, allowing players to climb peaks all over the world. You can take your time trying to accomplish challenging climbs or race against your friends to the top, but the goal is always to get a little further and a little higher. This is a fantastic game for climbers and non-climbers alike. Stay tuned for the release of The Climb 2 (coming soon!).

4. Vader Immortal Series

Virtual Reality and Star Wars go together incredibly well. It might be because the universe of the movies feels so much like it is made for video games or because VR controllers already feel a little bit like lightsabers, but it does feel like a perfect fit. Vader: Immortal is the first game series to blend VR and Star Wars together in a way that allows players to experience the Star Wars universe in a meaningful way. With an excellent story and some very fun mechanics, this is a must-play for anyone who has an Oculus Quest.

3. Arizona Sunshine

Arizona Sunshine is one of those games that continually comes up on "Best of VR" lists, and for good reason. It takes a hot genre - first-person shooters - and marries it with great mechanics and a thrilling premise. There are a lot of zombie shooters on VR platforms, but Arizona Sunshine is one of the few that actually feels special. Despite its comparative age, this is still one of the best combat experiences that you are going to find on the Oculus Quest and one of the few games that makes a particularly compelling case for investing in virtual reality.

2. Beat Saber

Beat Saber is absolutely a game that you cannot play without VR. It's a little bit like a cross between Guitar Hero and Just Dance, but with lightsabers. An incredible experience that you can drop almost any player into, it's a party game that can help you to show off exactly why you invested in the Oculus Quest. Though you will need a little bit of extra room if you really want to get into the game, this is one of the first purchases that any Oculus owner should make.

1. Onward

One of the promises of virtual reality has always been that the players will feel like they are really inside the game. While there are a handful of games that have come close, none of them feel quite as real as Onward. A unique military sim that puts players right in the middle of firefights, it gets rid of a lot of the basics of first-person shooters like crosshairs and HUDs and replaces them with realistic weapons and team communication. This is not just one of the best games that you'll find on a VR platform, it's one of the most immersive military games that you'll ever play.


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