Current Consoles Too Slow to Play Cyberpunk 2077

Updated: 5 Mar 2020 9:44 AM PST
Posted: 27 Jan 2020 2:26 PM PST

Rumour has it that the upcoming and recently delayed-release of Cyberpunk 2077 from CD PROJEKT RED is due to the PS4 and Xbox One not having the computing power to run it.

This is by far the most anticipated game of 2020.

If you're not familiar, the game was supposed to be released in April 2020, but now we are looking at September 2020.


So maybe, just maybe, we'll see the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X released in September 2020. Fingers crossed.


Either way, we are equally disappointed we have to wait and excited to get our hands on a next-gen console a little sooner than expected.



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