Rate My OC

Share you OC with the world!

Updated: 11 Aug 2020 1:08 PM PDT

Rate My OC

Are you ready to take your OC to the next level and share your creations with the world? Here is your chance to show off your design skills and rate others along the way. Rate My OC is a perfect casual game for anyone who loves Gacah Life, Gacha Studio, and Gacha Club. Upload your OC and create custom profiles to share today.[read more below]

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Rate My OC

Share you OC with the world!

Updated: 11 Aug 2020 1:08 PM PDT
Posted: 11 Aug 2020 12:20 PM PDT

Rate My OC - Share your creations!

Rate OCs, or upload your own characters for rating.


Rate My OC, also referred to as RMOC, is developed by Lunime. It's free on Android and iOS.

This game is semi-inspired by Lunime's Gacha Life and Gacha Club, two role-playing games. However, it can be enjoyed without knowledge of either game. Rate My OC

Concept - 5/5 Stars

OC is an acronym for "original character". RMOC thrives on them.

The game is a unique spin on mobile games. Instead of creating characters and using them to explore a world, this app focuses solely on character art and backstory.

Playing is simple. Once you've made an account, you can submit OCs for the community to view and rate. You can also view the OCs of other users and give your opinion.

Graphics and Audio - 3.5/5 Stars

Hopefully you like the anime aesthetic, because this game tries very hard to be kawaii. There are anime influences everywhere, including the title screen.

The core color scheme is pink, with bright, shiny buttons. It has a clean UI, even if it's a little obnoxiously bright.

Speaking of obnoxious - the music is repetitive and annoyingly cheerful. Some people may not notice it. However, one can argue this game is better with the sound off.

The audio isn't all bad. Some buttons make cute "pop" sounds when pressed, which is fun.

Gameplay - 4/5 Stars

Let's go through the process of uploading and rating OCs. The menus to do both of these actions are easy to find, which is a plus.

To rate an OC, you must choose two things - the gender, and the category. The category is incredibly broad, not only allowing for Gacha/human OCs, but also anime, anthro, mecha, mystical, and fan characters. You may choose to view characters from every category and gender.

You may also view specific OCs by inputting their ID number.

As the OCs pop up, you can rate them out of 10 stars, favorite them, or skip to a new character without rating.

Uploading OCs is relatively easy. The site provides a form with drop-down menus. These menus can take some getting used to, as they tend to appear and disappear very quickly, leading to a lot of accidental presses.

When you upload an OC, you are required to include a picture, name, gender, and category. You may also specify their relationship status, personality, occupation, and a brief biography.


One thing should be made clear - anyone can upload to RMOC. As a result, expect to see a lot of half-demon anime girls with heterochromatic eyes. Their profession? Assassin. Their personality? Clumsy, lol!

The app itself is good, but most of the OCs are uncompelling Mary Sues. If you can contribute to RMOC and still enjoy yourself, then more power to you. Just be aware that you may look back in 5-10 years and cringe.

Replay Value - 5/5 Stars

If you enjoy Lunime's productions, or just love making OCs, then there's hours of content waiting for you here. The app allows users to create multiple characters.

Additionally, since there's so many characters in the rating section, you can potentially view thousands of OCs without getting any repeats.


Rate My OC is a free app that lets you share and rate original characters.

How to Play

Use the official links below to get Rate My OC:

What do you love about Rate My OC?

What are your favorite things about Rate My OC? What needs improvement?

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