Top eSports Racing Games Compared

Updated: 19 May 2020 8:12 AM PDT
Posted: 13 May 2020 7:20 PM PDT

Racing Esports Games Are Seriously Trending

Today, eSports are seeing a surge in popularity. MMO and FPS games are seeing some competition as eSports racing has entered the spotlight. The top racing games in 2020 all feature high-definition graphics, thousands of customization options, and the most accurate race tracks in the business. From Project Cars to iRacing, here's a great list of the top eSports racing games out right now!

F1 2019


F1 2019 is the official video game of Formula One racing. It features the official teams, racers, and cars from the 2019 Formula One season, ready for you to experience firsthand! Additionally, this F1 is the first game where you can experience some classic racers. Drive as the famed Aryton Senna or Alain Prost in their race-winning cars.

F1 2019 offers an option to customize your livery, as well as weekly challenges. Check out the campaign mode where you raise your reputation and create rivals to the Championship. Keep up with your friends and chase the leaderboards against players from around the world. Race all the top tracks in the dedicated eSports area, where the very best gather to compete for the ultimate glory. This video game is a great place to play if you're looking for the real Formula One experience!



If you're seeking out NASCAR, Sports Car, or Dirt & Rally Car, then iRacing is the eSports game for you. The ultra HD graphics provide a dose of realism with this video game that pros and gamers alike love. iRacing offers a single-player campaign mode, where you'll rank up from a lowly rookie. Take it all to the way to the big leagues with over 80 of the biggest tracks, all laser-scanned into the game.

Additionally, there is a massive eSports community in iRacing! Experience the dashboard of a Gran Prix driver while racing through the ranks of millions of players worldwide. Go up against real NASCAR racers in the ranked matches, and win the ultimate bragging rights in the leaderboards with your completely customized ride. iRacing features one of the largest officially organized series with planned tournaments and schedules. Get involved with the online community in this massive game including eSports from NASCAR, Grand Prix, Sports Car, and Dirt & Rally.

Gran Turismo


The Gran Turismo series features the best graphics available on Playstation systems everywhere, including the latest installment, called Gran Turismo Sport, available on Playstation 4. This expansive video game features over 80 tracks and 320 cars. The endless upgrades and configurations you can unlock through its new grand campaign mode. Start as a rookie, then rise through the ranks with the fastest builds.

The competitive eSports community in Gran Turismo features, for its first time in history, Porsche vehicles. Build the ultimate speed demon and race against your friends as well as players worldwide. The leaderboard is updated daily, so always be ready and on your game in this fast-paced ranked match. Furthermore, thanks to the Playstation 4 Pro, Gran Turismo Sport is available in ultra-HD. Experience races in clarity like never before in the latest Gran Turismo.



One of the most famous franchises in the racing community is Forza. The latest installment, Forza Horizon 4, released in 2018 on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. Unlike previous games, Forza Horizon 4 introduced changing seasons on its maps. This addition creates a level of immersion with which other racing games can't compete. Shred through the snow in tons of different vehicles in this fictionalized take on Great Britain. Play the campaign online or offline, exploring the countryside with over 650 cars to choose from.

Forza offers a thriving eSports community for Microsoft players everywhere. This racing game is unique because of its open-world style. Meet up with friends and other players for the ultimate race-off in challenges all over the map. The ranked matches are spread throughout the in-game world, encouraging you to explore everything Forza Horizon 4 has to offer. The servers provide up to 72 players on any single instance at a time, meaning that you can have matches bigger than any other racing game out there.

Project Cars


This video game already features an immersive virtual reality and built-in 12k graphics. Project Cars offers a campaign mode, where you'll unlock up to 125 different cars. There are over 100 unique tracks to explore in Project Cars, with dynamic environment changes like weather and road conditions. During your climb to the top, expect other offers from competing teams. Sign new contracts and rack up the cash while seeking that spot in the head.

Pick from your favorite cars and customize everything from the wheels, the chassis, even the paint job. Then hop into the online circuit of Project Cars. There are practice matches that can be private or public. Browse through games worldwide and find the perfect speed for you. The eSports players are all on The Driver Network, Project Cars' place for the community to connect. Share your favorite builds, as well as Time Trial with downloadable ghosts. There are endless ways for you to get involved and become the best in the business through Project Cars.

The Final Word: They're All Good, Based on What You Want

All of these games have their own exclusive eSports communities. Being a fantastic Forza player doesn't necessarily mean that you'll be the top dog in Gran Turismo. Additionally, there are some console-specific options to consider when you're looking at the best eSport in which to get started. PC players have access to F1 2019, iRacing, and Project Cars. VR users are limited to Project Cars. However, PlayStation users can check out Gran Turismo or F1 2019 and the Xbox One gets Forza as well as F1 2019.

If you're interested in an accurate game, check out F1 2019. It's got all of the licensed images of Formula One racers, as well as their official vehicles. Race a real season and experience the dashboard of a Formula One car like never before.

The graphics in Forze and Project Cars take things to the next level. Realistic scenes, as well as dynamic environments, mean that you have to expect the unexpected on these tracks. Slide out from wet and snowy roads.

Gran Turismo and iRacing offer connectivity options sure to satisfy your every need. Easily and quickly connect with friends and players from everywhere in the world. Check the rankings, and schedule regular events in these hot eSports video games.

Check out the community events for all of these great eSports games. From PC to Xbox, there's something for every gamer of every caliber. The casual player and professional alike will find plenty of ways to connect in these five high-speed racing games.


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