The Top 10 Rounds to Play in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Updated: 16 Aug 2020 7:19 PM PDT
Posted: 16 Aug 2020 4:16 PM PDT

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Features Over 20 Rounds

The break-out hit Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is quickly gaining popularity as a stellar MMO alternative to some FPS PVP games. The game features 24 unique rounds, which are played with up to 60 competitors over several heats. Every round, a certain number of competitors qualify while the rest are eliminated.

Rounds can be team-based or free-for-all. There are obstacle courses, tag-style games, and even a sports round similar to soccer! Winning matches earns you crowns, experience, and currency (known as kudos). Each of these is used to unlock unique costumes for your character.

Below, we've compiled our absolute favorite rounds in a comprehensive list. The development team has already started adding in new levels, though, so who knows! This could completely change very soon.

10. See Saw

fall-guys-seesaw Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout |

Carefully run across an obstacle course of see-saws with dozens of other players! Too many players on one side will cause the see-saw to slant sharply, and you'll fall to your doom! It takes some teamwork, despite being a free-for-all mini-game. Good luck qualifying!

9. Hoopsie Daisy

fallguys-hoopsiedaisy Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout |

This game can be team-based or a free-for-all. Dive through hoops that appear on the field, and rack up points for your team. The team with the least points in two minutes is eliminated. There are white hoops, which are one point and gold hoops, which are three points.

8. Gate Crash

falguys-gatecrash Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout |

The free-for-all obstacle course pits your squishy bean body against rows and rows of doors. Slam against the doors and hope that you find the real one! Fake ones won't budge, and you'll be bounced back to try again. Further, in the course, there are fewer doors. Fight against other players to squeeze through and qualify in this mad door dash to the finish!

7. Egg Scramble

fallguys-eggscramble Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout |

This team-based activity certainly lives up to its name. Spend two minutes gathering as many eggs as you can for your team. Once the eggs run out from the middle, it's time to start snatching eggs from opponents! Be careful, though. They'll be stealing from your nest, too. The team with the least eggs at the end of the round is eliminated.

6. Hit Parade

fallguys-hitparade Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout |

A classic free-for-all obstacle course. Balance perilously high across a goo pit, avoid swinging pendulums and fight with other players in a series of swinging doors. This is usually a first or second-round game with plenty of qualifying slots. It gets pretty wild trying to cross the pits without falling when you're up against 59 opponents!

5. Fall Ball

fallguys-fall-ball Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout |

This is a team game. It's mostly soccer, but with a twist! You won't always get a soccer ball. Sometimes, a football or other sports ball will drop down instead. It's up to your team to defend your goal from opponents. You also have to try and score as many goals as possible within the 2-minute time limit. The losing team is eliminated.

4. Fall Mountain

fallguys-fallmountain Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout |

The mini-game Fall Mountain is always one that's played in the final round. There is only one winner here. Climb up a mountain full of obstacles, and be the first to reach the top to claim the crown! It's not nearly as easy as it sounds, though. Make your way through countless swinging panels while balls cascade down towards you. In the end, there are swinging hammers waiting to knock you into the abyss.

3. The Whirlygig

fallguys-thewhirlygig Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout |

This mini-game is definitely going to take you for a spin! It's a free-for-all, so you're on your own. You can take the high road or the low road. The high way features tough jumps through giant spinning fans. It has some tough dives that you'll be lucky to make! But, if you fall below, you can still take the low road.

The low way features a series of circular platforms. Each one has a pole that rotates around the platform, sweeping off everything in its path. Avoid these poles during the jump from one platform to the next. This is one of the most intense, wild qualifying mini-games I've personally played.

2. Slime Climb

fallguys-slimeclime Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout |

This is another robust free-for-all mini-game. It's an obstacle course with a deadly twist: it's quickly flooding with sticky, dangerous ooze. You may fall safely a couple of times, but eventually, you'll be swallowed up by the goo and disqualified! Climb your way through the variety of tricky jumps while working to make the qualifying numbers.

There are balls that fly towards you and a challenging set of skinny inflatable bridges. People love to push and shove, so it's good to wait for a lull before crossing! Also, look out for the giant moving blocks that will shove you right off the edge. Dodging all of these and avoiding the slime might just get you into the next round!

1. Hex-A-Gone

fallguys-hex-a-gone Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout |

This mini-game is always a free-for-all, and it's one of the final mini-games you can play in a match! It features multiple levels of hexagon-shaped tiles. Standing on a tile makes it vanish. The goal is to survive longer than anyone else and earn the crown!

The key is to stay on the higher levels as long as possible and use all of these tiles first. Running along the tiles and cutting off your opponents, while trying to stick to the heavily tiled areas is a great strategy. When you fall to a new level, immediately start looking for the best areas with lots of tiles.

Fall Guys Has a Bright Future

The game has, so far, been received positively by the gaming community. It's getting a lot of cross-over love on Twitter, including Dragon Ball Z and even Hollow Knight costumes!

What is your favorite round to play? What other mini-games do you think that Fall Guys should add? We're looking forward to what other great updates this game has in store.


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