Summer Game Fest - The Top Digital Gaming Events for Summer 2020

Updated: 5 Jun 2020 1:14 PM PDT
Posted: 5 Jun 2020 1:13 PM PDT

Summer Game Fest - The Top Digital Gaming Events for Summer 2020

In the last few months, many events in the gaming industry have been put on hold. E3 and Gamescom are both canceled, but Geoff Keighley is stepping in with the Summer Game Fest. It's a celebration of all that's new in gaming and runs from May until August.

From new game announcements to new game engine reveals, here's everything to expect from Summer Game Fest.

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Summer Game Fest Events for May

Inside Xbox – May 7

Microsoft gave us our first look at the Xbox Series X, and some gameplay reveals. Gameplay from Ubisoft's upcoming Assassin's Creed: Valhalla capped off the showcase. We also saw gameplay from DiRT 5, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2, Call of the Sea, and many more. Here are is a complete list of games confirmed for the Xbox Series X release.

Perhaps the biggest reveal of the day is Smart Delivery, a way to upgrade Xbox One games to Xbox Series X.

Sunrise #1 – May 12

During a live stream, Geoff Keighly unveiled remasters of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2.

Sunrise #2 – May 13

The following day, Epic Games took the wraps off of Unreal Engine 5 and revealed new licensing terms.

Ghost of Tsushima – May 14

A first look at gameplay from Sucker Punch's upcoming Ghost of Tsushima showcased at this event. The game appears to be an open-world game that features many homages to classic samurai films. The 18-minute trailer is our best look yet at a lone samurai's fight against the Mongol invasion.

Valorant Announcement – May 21

Riot Games' new free-to-play tactical shooter Valorant is equal parts Counter-Strike and Overwatch. The game is releasing on June 2 after more than a month of closed beta testing. Post-launch plans for Valorant include new heroes, maps, and game modes.

The Last of Us: Part II – May 27

Sony broadcast a 20-minute State of Play presentation, giving gamers their first look at The Last of Us: Part II. Naughty Dog president Neil Druckmann led the exclusive preview, offering generous gameplay details with few spoilers.

Outriders Broadcast – May 28

While not technically Summer Game fest branded, the Outriders event is landing in the middle. Outriders is a third-person shooter from Square Enix, and People Can Fly.

Summer Game Fest Events for June

Star Wars: Project Maverick – June 2

eatwitter Twitter: @EA

The upcoming Star Wars: Project Maverick was rumored to be revealed on June 2. However, massive protesting in the United States has led many gaming companies to delay their plans. We know that Project Maverick is said to focus on single-player content, with small co-op and multiplayer modes.

PS5 Reveal Event – June 4 – Canceled

ps5tweet Twitter:@PlayStation

Sony delayed the PS5 reveal event scheduled for June 4 due to unrest in the United States. The event intended to give gamers a first look at launch games for the PS5. In the meantime, have a look at the current PlayStation 5 specs.

IGN's Summer of Gaming – June 4

IGN's Summer of Gaming event is not technically part of the Summer Game Fest. However, there are too many game reveals happening to leave it out of a list of summer game festivals.

Indie Live Expo – June 6

indieliveexpo2020 Indie Live Expo 2020 | Credit:

The Indie Live Expo is the first presentation of the summer focusing on indie games. It will be hosted in Japan and will highlight Japanese games – however, an English broadcast will be available on [YouTube](

The Guerrilla Collective – June 6

guerrillacollective *Twitter: @GuerrillaCollec

This multi-day event is coming up as part of IGN's Summer of Gaming. It includes the PC Gaming Show, live panels hosted by Greg Miller, and maybe even an announcement from The Guerilla Collective.

The Future Games Show – June 6

GamesRadar is hosting this hour-long broadcast with exclusive trailers, announcements, and deep dives on AAA gaming. The focus is on current and next-gen consoles, mobile, and streaming platforms.

Upload VR Showcase – June 8

Upload VR is hosting a VR showcase as part of IGN's Summer of Gaming. Developers Fast Travel Games and Cloudhead Games will be participating in the event.

Steam Game Festival – June 9

steamgamefest Steam Game Festival - Summer Edition | Credit:

Steam's massive Game Festival is returning June 9 through June 14. It will give players a closer look at games that are releasing over the next year. Valve says players will be able to try most games showcased before adding them to their wishlist.

EA Play 2020 – June 11

eaplaylive EA Play Live 2020 | Credit:

The EA Play 2020 event is going all digital this year. Announcements from EA about the streaming event have been sparse, only mentioning world premieres, news, and more.

Humankind Gameplay – June 11

Sega and Amplitude Studios will be showcasing more gameplay of Humankind on June 11. The strategy game plays like Civilization, controlling humans throughout their long history.

PC Gaming Show – June 13

pcgamingshow PC Gaming Show | Credit:

PC Gamer is hosting its show as part of The Guerilla Collective. Some developers that are confirmed to attend include Merge Games, Tripwire Interactive, Frontier Developments, Epic Games, and Perfect World Entertainment. Originally scheduled for June 6, The PC Gaming Show]( was rescheduled to June 13.

Torchlight III Gameplay – June 18

THQ Nordic will offer the first look at Torchlight III with in-depth gameplay videos. The day will also host a panel with writer Chris Avellone.

Developer Showcase – June 22

dayofthedevs Developer Showcase - Day of the Devs |

Geoff Keighley will host the Day of the Devs event, showcasing several games. Keighley says the games showcased during this event will include indie games to AAA titles.

New Game+ Expo – June 23

ngpx Twitter: @newgameplusexpo

The New Game+ Expo will also include several new announcements from primarily Japanese developers. Atlus, Sega, Natsume, Idea Factory, Spike Chunsoft, Koei Tecmo, Arc System Works, and more are confirmed.

Marvel's Avengers War – June 24

Crystal Dynamics will be showcasing Marvel's Avengers War gameplay in a "War Table" stream. The presentation will also offer the first look at the co-op in this upcoming title.

Dreamscaper Gameplay – June 24

The last IGN Summer of Gaming day will focus on gameplay from Dreamscaper. This RPG roguelike takes place in a woman's lucid dreams. IGN says gamers will get an exclusive gameplay preview and deep dive into the game's mechanics.

Night City Wire – June 25

The Night City Wire reveal for Cyberpunk 2077 was slated to happen on June 11. However, CD Projekt Red postponed the event to June 25 to "allow more important discussions." according to a recent Twitter post. Gamers expect some E3-style showcase of Cyberpunk 2077.

Summer Game Fest Events for July

Tennocon 2020 – July 11

tennocon2020 Warframe Tennocon 2020 |

Digital Extremes' annual Warframe Tennocon 2020 event is going full digital this year. The day-long celebration will feature plenty of Warframe announcements and loot for players to collect.

Ubisoft Forward – July 12

ubisoftforward Ubisoft Forward 2020 | Credit:

Ubisoft converted its E3 presentation into a new event called Ubisoft Forward. The exhibition will offer a fresh look at many of the studio's upcoming titles. Those include Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, Gods & Monsters, Watch Dogs Legion, and new game reveals.

Developer Showcase – July 20

dayofthedevs Developer Showcase - Day of the Devs |

Geoff Keighley is hosting another Day of the Devs celebration on July 20. It will offer a look at many new games that not seen during the first event in June.

Xbox 20/20 Presentation – July

xbox2020 Xbox 20/20 Presentation | Credit:

Microsoft hasn't shared an official date for the upcoming Xbox 20/20 presentation. The live-stream will focus on Microsoft's first-party games, including Halo: Infinite and new games from Obsidian Entertainment and Double Fine.

Summer Game Fest Events for August

GDC Summer 2020 – August 4

gdc GDC Summer 2020 | Credit:

In March, GDC's live event was canceled. Organizers will instead host an online event, starting August 4.

Gamescom Live – August 27

gamescom Twitter: @gamescom

Geoff Keighley will host the opening of Gamescom Night Live, bringing the Summer Game Fest to a close. The event will offer press conferences from many developers and publishers. A full list of participants is unknown at this time.


Although many digital events have been delayed or canceled, Summer Game Fest continues to bring gamers together for an epic summer of gaming celebrations.


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