Sony's PlaySation 5 Design Revealed

Updated: 17 Jun 2020 7:29 PM PDT
Posted: 17 Jun 2020 4:44 PM PDT

Next-Gen Console with a Brand New Look

It's almost time for a new generation of consoles, and that inevitably means that more information about the new systems will be hitting the internet. While Microsoft has long since released the information about its new Xbox X Series, Sony has been relatively tight-lipped about the Playstation 5. This all changed with Sony's Future of Gaming Event, which not only revealed a number of new exclusive titles that will be coming to the Playstation 5 but that also gave fans their first look at the design of the newest Sony gaming console.

A High Level of Secrecy

ps5-event PlayStation 5 Hardware Design | Credit:

Sony's big reveal of the PS5 design comes on the heels of an almost unprecedented amount of secrecy on the part of the electronics giant. While Sony has traditionally unveiled its products in huge gatherings in the past, information on the PS5's aesthetics has actually been rolled out fairly slowly. In fact, most fans knew more about what was inside the machine than what was outside before the big event, a rarity for any Sony product. The only real clue before the event was Sony's surprisingly redesigned DualShock Controller.

A Brand New Look

ps5-3 PlayStation 5 Hardware Design | Credit:

The Playstation 5 is perhaps the most radical departure in terms of design aesthetics in the Playstation line. The Playstation has kept a fairly low profile since the release of the PS2, a machine that fits comfortably in a home entertainment center with other consumer electronics. While the PS3 and PS4 both evolved from that simple design, both the machines where black boxes that could easily be mistaken for DVD players. The PS5's new look, however, has a lot more in common with old-school internet routers as well as a color scheme that demands much more attention from the casual viewer.

A New Design Philosophy?

ps5-2 PlayStation 5 Hardware Design | Credit:

The new look of the PS5 might be indicative of a new design philosophy on Sony's part. This machine looks and feels like a gaming machine before anything else, something that is evidenced by Sony's decision to immediately put out a model that lacks any kind of traditional disk drive. This isn't a machine that's meant to help Sony's movie department move more physical media - it's a machine that's designed from the ground up with Playstation players in mind. How this translates to the future, though, is still yet to be seen. Aesthetics are one thing, but there's still plenty left for players to learn.

At the end of the day, Sony's release of the PS5 design is just another part of the slow trickle of information that players have gotten about the next-generation machine. Everyone is still waiting for two more important pieces of information - the initial price point for the two PS5 models and the finalized release date. It's reasonable to expect both pieces of information to come along in the near future, but for now, we can start to speculate a lot more about what this generation of consoles is going to be like thanks to this major reveal.


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