LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System Officially Revealed

Updated: 15 Jul 2020 3:34 PM PDT
Posted: 15 Jul 2020 3:33 PM PDT

LEGO NES Has Been Revealed

LEGO has gotten big into the nostalgia market over the last few years, creating sets that are meant to bring back fond memories of yesteryear. LEGO's new collaborations with Nintendo are definitely a part of this trend, with its Mario sets working as a great throwback to old games. What's sure to really pique the interest of collectors, though, is the newly announced LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System. If you played the system during its original launch period, you'll find this fantastic new set to be a real blast from the past.

Back to the '80s

nes Nintendo Entertainment System |

Nintendo and LEGO's newest collaboration is a familiar set-up for fans of the classic Nintendo Entertainment System. The set features not only the original grey box but also a connected controller, a Super Mario Bros. cartridge, and an 80s-style television set that displays screens from the game.

This set is about more than just looks, though. An attached crank on the television allows builders to scroll through an accurate level of Super Mario Bros. while the television plays the theme from the game. It's the kind of build that will send fans right back to the 1980s, bulky TV screens and all.

A Big Investment

lego-nes-1 LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System |

If you're planning on playing this set, get ready for a pretty sizable investment in terms of both dimensions and money. At around 2646 pieces, this set isn't among the largest pieces that LEGO has put out in recent years, it's still a pretty big and complex build for many new LEGO enthusiasts. You'll need to set aside a fairly substantial amount of time to build this beauty.

And then, of course, there's the price tag. LEGO isn't cheap, and the number of pieces of this one should definitely clue enthusiasts in on the fact that they're going to pay a premium for LEGO's newest collaboration. The good news, though, is that the $229 price tag is actually fairly low compared to some similarly-sized builds - in fact, it will actually cost collectors less than getting all of the new Super Mario sets from LEGO.

This is definitely a big investment for casual LEGO fans, though it's a comfortably mid-priced option for serious collectors. These sets are likely to cost even more on the secondary market, though, so it's a good idea to pick one up ASAP if you're planning on paying the right price.

A Retro Masterpiece

lego-nes2 LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System |

The LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System set is set to release on August 1, 2020, and there's a very good chance that the system will go fast. Not only is it a great collectible for fans of Nintendo, but it's also the kind of unique build that will have many LEGO fans reaching for their wallets. Nintendo hasn't been totally clear on whether or not this will be a LEGO store exclusive, so it's a good idea to keep checking the company's website to figure out exactly when you'll be able to order your own version of this fantastic piece of Nintendo history.


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